IQsafeLink™, the whole story


Why IQsafeLink™?
Globalisation and growing intercontinental trade create opportunities to sell machines and installations worldwide. Besides the initial price of the production of a machine or installation, this also increasingly competitive market often demands a low maintenance rate, 24/7 assistance to the operator, constant monitoring and a high standard in services. Exactly these form nowadays crucial unique selling points that every serious business needs to add to their product in order to make a difference. Bringing effective and sufficient support to the customer is however a costly surplus, due to rising costs of labour, larger distances and travel expenses. IQsafeLink™ however is the answer to the problem!


Machine manufacturers (OEM), but also other industries, for example active in infrastructure, immediately see the benefits of remote service. Being of assistance to the customer or generally have control of operations, without having to travel half across the world, is the most adequate solution. However without possibilities of intrusion or other risks and disturbances.

IQsafeLink™ is built on a combination of these two elements. It is the most safe and reliable remote connection for machine- and process control systems. It offers possibilities like:

  • remote control and monitoring;
  • machine management;
  • diagnostics; maintenance and prediction on    maintenance;
  • trending and logging;
  • (remote) alarm service.


Besides just making a traditional connecting bridge, IQsafeLink™ is unique in it's possibility to take controlle over the local display and it's functions. Therefore, it is not necessary to have similar applications running on the computer that runs the remote control. Also, IQsafeLink™ supports all computer operating systems.



IQsafeLink™ is always and everywhere available. Simply answer the question: "Is internet available?" with "yes" and there is connection with machine- or process control. 


Now machine manufacturers can invest fully in machine- or process controls, without having to care about qualifications of future operating personnel. In case the control system is made remotely available, the possibilities for support are greatly extended. Specialists of the manufacturer can now be of service to the customer anywhere in the  world  from  their  chair, by  “looking over  the shoulder” of the machine operator on side. This creates a high level of machine reliability (production loss due to standing still is minimized). Maintenance and service can be supervised from afar by professional machine technicians or software can be updated without any assistance of customer’s personnel.

IQsafeLink™ even offers environmental friendly options such as remote monitoring energy consumption, water or other material use. This offers an economist or specialist to optimize the machine’s or installation’s operation to the most efficient levels.


IQsafeLink™, technically the right solution!
IQsafeLink™ is an internet based technology, which creates a tunneled VPN connection between the user and the machine or process control system. There is no need to change the existing network (security) settings, which eliminates disadvantages that were experienced in previous internet-connection-based, remote service solutions. Using RSA encryption, the connection is as safe as, for example, telebanking.

Connection to the internet can be made through all existing internet connections. IQsafeLink™ makes any communication interface remotely available.

IQsafeLink™ also offers custom made solutions, such as connections with an IP camera to monitor a process, logging applications, but also specific web pages that contain important data for monitoring machines to improve their capacity. And … applications can run local with IQsafeLink™.


IQsafeLink™ from costs to profit
With growing distances in combination with the local current traffic situation, it is a challenge to grant service rapidly and adequate to a customer in busy industrial and dense populated areas. In combination with the increasing costs of travel, stay and working hours of service engineers, services on side become less desirable, especially when later it is determined as a simple solution to a stagnating process.

With a relative small investment in IQsafeLink™, expenditures are saved, a faster service is realized and production loss is minimized.


IQsafeLink™ saves time and money!
IQsafeLink™ offers possibilities that extend further than current representation of remote connections. Where service now is seen as an expense, IQsafeLink™ can turn service into a mutual profit. And since all technical drawback for service on distance are taken away by IQsafeLink™, now is the time for investment in remote service!