More than taking over from a distance.

More than taking over from a distance.

21-07-2011 By: Software engineer.


IQsafeLink™, more than remote take over from a distance.


Not only a connection concept, but also a PC.

Numerous machine builder is familiar with the phenomenon IQsafeLink™ and presents its customers this secure, safe and uncomplicated connection service concept: "from the couch". Precisely this is the fundament on which IQsafeLink™ is based. However, this development is not standing still. The familiar box has proven itself and is expanded with a 24 V option, whereas as easy to install as before. The box has a 4GB compact flash card (CF) to a 30GB solid state disk (SSD). The major reason for this modification was the heat generated by the CF, which might lead to undesirable consequences. However, the switch to a SSD resulted in unexpected benefits!


IQsafeLink™ was not exclusively an equipment to take over machine and process control from a distance, but now include such a large memory capacity, that it can take over the role of a PC in numerous machines! This retrenchment makes the uses of IQsafeLink™ very attractive.


Several installations use a PC as a central unit to maintain the machine control. This could be through specific software, but currently increasingly regularly on MS Windows based applications. In general, this software could directly run on the IQsafeLink™, with which the costs of a PC are cut down and consequently the purchase price of an IQsafeLink™ box is earned back to a large extent. 




An additional advantage of the IQsafeLink™ is that one is less dependent on a wide variety of apparatus and components. Obviously, this is an advantage to the susceptibility of interference and hence the continuity of your production proces. Mainly PCs are subject to constant automatically uploaded software updates, causing regular malfunctioning. The IQsafeLink™ offers the possibility to immediately intervene from a distance. For this kind of software miseries, it is often not necessary to be on site. 



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