IQsafeLink v3 Advanced
27-07-2016 By: Software engineer
New IQsafeLink We move on to a new IQsafeLink box. In addition to the modified hardware, we have modified by software several things and added features.  

New Website
03-07-2015 By: Webmaster.
IQsafelink™ is contineously developing and innovating. Of course, that includes a new website as well!                                                     Photo

Extension with users
04-02-2014 By: Software engineer.
Extension with users´ control  Supervisor function Especially the last year, the usage of IQsafeLink™ has grown expansionally! It appeared that one had the wish

More than taking over from a distance.
21-07-2011 By: Software engineer.
IQsafeLink™, more than remote take over from a distance.   Not only a connection concept, but also a PC. Numerous machine builder is familiar with the phenomenon

Award of Product of the Year!
22-02-2011 By: Webmaster.
IQsafeLink™ wins award Product of the year 2010   In the Benelux IQsafeLink™ has won it's