Frequently Asked Questions


Henceforth version 2.64 a default beep is put into force. The IQsafeLink™ indicates being online through a low-high melody. In case the internet connection is lacking, a sole high-low melody will be heard and subsequently,  a low tone with an interval of 10 seconds will sound.


Adjacent to this, you could also log in via the client tool. Whenever you see your box in the list, it means that is is online.


You can easily find this out by going to the web interface of your IQsafeLink™. For this purpose you have to be logged in by way of the IQsafeLink™ Client. 

Afterwards you click on the globe with the arrow, which is at the website henceforth version 2.64.


Probably, you do not have the permission to connect to this IQsafeLink™. In order to verify this, consult your colleague/contact person who has the administrator rights.


IQsafeLink™ makes use of OpenVPN to create a secure connection between the client and the server. To achieve this connection, OpenVPN requires administrator rights. Therefore, you should execute IQsafeLink™ Client as Administrator.

In case you are not authorized for this, you have to contact your ICT administrator.


At first, verify if you have an internet connection on your PC/laptop. If this is the case, and the problem still occurs, please contact us.


​Look at the manual regarding the IQsafeLink™ Client.


Through the 'IQsafeLink' adapter, an connection is made witht the IQsafeLink™ server. This server will assign you with an OpenVPN ip-address.


Through the 'IQsafeBridge' adapter a VPN connection is made to the LAN side of IQsafeLink™. On this adapter you will as well get an ip-address in the range of the set Client Pool of your IQsafeLink™.


​Look at the manual for a detailed description.